I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You ♥
INVOLVED: Charlie Fabray.
TIME FRAME: Friday evening. 11/22/13
LOCATION: Puckerbray apartment. 
GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Charlie has some time to reflect on the past few months leading up to the final trimester. Adorableness ahead, you’ve been warned.

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BBQ’s and Breaking the Big News.

Settling into the passenger’s side of Puck’s pickup truck, Charlie stared out of the window and waited for her boyfriend to join her. Yesterday was the first official day of summer, and though it was still early in the day you could already feel the heat. On this particularly beautiful day, however, they were going to visit his mom’s house for a cookout and inevitably break the news about the pregnancy. At this point it seemed a little overdue, not to mention they really couldn’t hide it for much longer. Nearly being at the five month point — time seemed to be flying by and in a short span of four plus months, the baby would be here. Just the mere thought of their little girl put a small smile on her face. Though it did little to assuage her nerves. Rina is absolutely nothing like Judy, still Charlie couldn’t help worrying about how mama Puckerman would take the news. Their age difference had been something which came up in previous conversation, she had to wonder if it’d be something the woman would worry about more so upon learning that her son’s girlfriend is with child. Suddenly, her thoughts were quieted as she noted Puck approaching. She flashed a soft smile and watched him jump into the driver’s side. “Are we all set to go?” She questioned, pulling the strap across her chest and clicking the seatbelt into place.

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Surprise, Guess Who? ➪ Puckerbray

Sliding her cash across the countertop, Charlie smiled gratefully and scooped up her to-go cup of coffee. Decaf, naturally. Retreating from The Lima Bean, she couldn’t help but smile. Her next destination was home. She absolutely loved those days when she had the chance to get out of work at a decent time. Skipping the mundane traffic and heading straight the best part of her day. Seeing her boyfriend. Sighing blissfully, she crossed the parking lot and settled into her car. Turning the key in the ignition, it wasn’t very long before she was traveling down the road again. With Puck unaware that she’d be arriving home soon, she hoped to surprise him. Maybe if she was lucky she’d catch him shirtless and doing yard work again. Yeah, that’d been quite a lovely sight to see. Shaking away her mildly sexually geared thoughts, she pulled into the driveway and collected her things. Making her way inside, she attempted to be as quiet as possible. Not spotting Puck in the living room, she headed to the bedroom and couldn’t suppress the smile which appeared when she heard the shower running. Turning the knob on the door, she prepared to creep inside until the sound of a knock echoing at the front door veered her attention. Freezing in her spot, she furrowed her brow and listened. After few beats of silence — the sound resounded again. “Who could that be?” She wondered. Stealing a sip from her coffee cup, Charlie turned on her heel and approached the front door. Opening up, her eyes flashed with surprise and vague recognition. “I — um, hello.” She managed to stutter out a greeting.

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Buy, Buy, Baby ⇒ Puckerbray

Tuesdays and Thursdays were among Charlie’s favorite days of the week. Namely because she didn’t work. Which meant she could spend her morning sleeping in and the afternoon in the presence of good company. Yeah, things were pretty great as of late. Though, today she had a few different plans in mind. With talk of baby clothes the day before, she wondered if maybe it’d be a good idea to kick into gear and start doing some pricing on things for the baby. Puck had obviously been shopping around as well. So, it seemed logical enough to take a trip to the mall and see about starting in on a baby budget. Staring at herself in the mirror, instinctively Charlie dropped her hands down to her stomach. Clad in nothing but her underwear, she turned to the side and tried to see whether or not she was beginning to show. After a few minutes she huffed a quiet sigh and reached for the clothes she’d removed from her drawer. Naturally it would take time but she couldn’t help feeling envious over the pictures she’d seen of various women with adorable little baby bumps. Eventually, she’d get there. Over her shoulder she spoke to her boyfriend, “I was thinking about our conversation last night, and I feel like we should make a baby budget. You know, so we can see how much we’ll have to spend before the baby arrives. Which is why you and I are going to the mall today. To do some pricing. What do you think?” She asked him with a bright smile, slipping her flowy blouse over her head. 

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This isn’t What it Looks Like… ➮ Puckerbray

After spending several hours by herself, Charlie realized fairly quickly that she didn’t like being without her boyfriend. Unsure of where he’d taken off to, she vaguely remembered him mentioning possibly visiting his mother and sister. Never one to pester — she opted not to bother text messaging him. He had a right to enjoy his family time. And well she had a right to…get a hobby or something. With no new books to read or video games to play, she was severely lacking entertainment. Blinking open her eyes, she stared up at the ceiling. As if the answer to her current boredom would suddenly appear. Rolling over onto her side, Charlie nestled into the bed and was preparing to take a nap when an idea came to her. Spring cleaning! Surely, Puck would appreciate her taking the initiative and getting a head start. Pushing herself from the bed, she eyed his closet door. It’d be the perfect place to start. Pulling her hair up into a ponytail, Charlie opened the closet up and began rifling through it’s contents. She hummed to herself quietly while getting in “the zone”. Hopefully she’d finish before he arrived. What better surprise? Throwing herself into her newest project, she shrieked unexpectedly when a shoebox from way on the top shelf came tumbling down. “What the…?” Quirking a brow, she crouched down at eyed the contents curiously. 

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You’re Cordially…Uninvited.

INVOLVED: Charlie Fabray, and mentions of Noah Puckerman.
TIME FRAME: Saturday Night (4/27/13)
LOCATION: Puck’s apartment.
GENERAL DESCRIPTION: When their talk doesn’t exactly go as Charlie hoped, she decides to show up at the apartment to talk things over with Puck but is surprised by what she finds instead.

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Picnic In The Park ☼ Puckerbray

A full night’s sleep seemed to be a thing of the past for Charlie. Ever since she’d hit the two month point, she’d been unable to attain the required six to eight hours of rest. Typically awaking at various hours of the night — today she decided to use this to her advantage. Bright and early she found herself carefully untangling from Puck’s embrace, heading out the door well before most and making her way to the supermarket. During her usual midnight toss and turn session, she’d gotten the bright idea to make something of their Sunday afternoon. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to enjoy the nice weather at Indian Lake State Park and finally try fishing with Puck. Surely he’d appreciate the thought. That was few hours earlier. With a small smile plastered on her lips, she now sat comfortably at the kitchen table, preparing a picnic basket. The inside was lined with various diced fresh fruits and other snacks which would quench their hunger. Peanut butter and jelly finger sandwiches and the like. Folding a small blanket, she’d tucked it atop and set aside the woven container. A proud smile adorned her features. Taking a stand, she made her way back to the bedroom where she’d left her boyfriend resting. Settling into bed beside him, she pressed a kiss to his cheek gently to get his attention. “Guess what we’re going to do today..” She questioned with a giddy expression.

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Touch Me Here, Touch Me There ❣ Puckerbray

If possible, this week had felt like the longest one yet. Normally things between Puck and Charlie were easygoing and carefree. But they’d seemingly managed to stumble on a minor bump in the road when she’d foolishly confessed that as of late she had hardly been in the mood. Truthfully it was no fault of her boyfriend’s. Yet he’d thought just that and for the past several days — she struggled to find the usual comfortable bubble they lived in blissfully. With gritted teeth, she bared through it. Until he decided to go out Friday evening. Needless to say she got to thinking. Now, it was Sunday night and she was hoping to end the week (or two) long streak. Shutting down the lights in the living room, Charlie tossed aside the blanket and made her way towards their bedroom. “I totally deserve a medal or something, for making it over here as quick as I did.” She joked, knowing she’d taken her time. Gently closing the door behind her, she approached the bed and laid herself beside him gently. On her stomach with her hands resting comfortably beneath her chin, she peered up at him with a bright smile, “So about that cheerleading outfit..” Her eyebrows wiggled playfully before her soft laughter quickly filtered through the air.

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Keep Calm and Hike On ⏎ Puckerbray

Nobody likes Monday’s, that was a given. They’re the start of the work week and most were still recovering from the weekend. Charlie in particular sort of dreaded Monday’s. Between work and school, she was exhausted by the time she arrived home. But on this day — it was not the case at all. Her classes flew by in the blink of an eye and as luck would have it, she wasn’t needed for work. It was a blessing, truly. Considering the fact that it was sixty-six degrees outside. She wanted nothing more than to enjoy the sunshine and that’s exactly what she was going to do. Arriving home earlier than usual she surprised her boyfriend who seemed happy, as always to be in her presence. Spitballing briefly — the two decided going on a hike would be the perfect adventure for the afternoon.

So, after lacing up into some comfortable sneakers, the couple headed out to the Fort Amanda State Park. They’d walk the trails and enjoy nature. It was going to be a welcomed change from the movies and TV shows they favored. Pulling up to the parking lot, Charlie found the nearest available space and shifted her car into park. “I’m so glad I didn’t miss out on this nice weather today. I seriously didn’t want to be crammed in the office on a day like this.” She liked her internship - naturally - but a day off every now and again would be nice. Hopping out of the car, she met Puck around the front of the car. Never once had she been hiking before. In the past she joined him for a jog around but the pace had been fairly slow. “Have you ever been hiking before?” She asked curiously, glancing beside her as they began walking.

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A Birthday Song ♥ Puckerbray


Exiting the restaurant, Puck held the door for her and joked, “Somebody was hungry. I don’t blame you, though. The food was awesome!” Birthday dinner was first on the agenda. From there, Puck was open to suggestions. He wanted Charlie to have a memorable nineteenth birthday. As they made their way to his truck, he wrapped his arms around her waist before asking, “What do you wanna do now? We could go to the strip club…” With a smile on his face, his words trailed off. Clearly, he wasn’t being serious. He wouldn’t take his girlfriend to a strip club on her birthday. Racking his brain for good ideas, Puck let go of her waist and moved beside her. Sporting a playful smirk, he questioned, “What do you think about karaoke?” Months ago, she mentioned wanting to sing karaoke. Not long after, both of their lives got busy. “I know you wanted to do it, and we ain’t got around to it yet.” Puck had no intention of singing, but this was about Charlie. He couldn’t wait to hear her belt out a tune off-key. With a smirk still adorning his face, he bumped her playfully and said, “You gotta let me pick the first song, though.”

Scoffing playfully, Charlie quirked a brow at Puck and replied, “Like you didn’t enjoy sharing the carrot cake. Pfft. I thought you were going to ask for another piece.” She was thoroughly pleased with the way her birthday was progressing. As promised, her boyfriend had given her the epic cuddles session of her life this morning. And since then they’d been making the absolute most of her day. Nearing his pick up, she laughed aloud at his suggestion. “Well, now you’re starting to sound like Ryan. Only if it’s an all male revue. I’d rather not see lady parts all in my face.” She stole a glance at him just to see the reaction she knew which would follow her statement. Leaning against the passenger’s side door — she could practically see the wheels turning in his head. She had to wonder what he had up his sleeve. It wasn’t very long after that he clued her in. “Ooh, really?!” She exclaimed excitedly. Maybe once she had the opportunity in the city to visit a karaoke bar and from what she could recall, it’d been quite the evening. Watching the people take the stage and completely stink up the place was typically the best part. “I’d love to. But only if you promise to sing, too. Because I refuse to be the only one up there making a fool of myself.” Charlie wagged a finger in his direction as he bumped her gently. Mauling over the idea of letting him select the first song, she said teasingly, “I don’t know if trust you. I might end up singing Copacabana or YMCA if I leave it up to you.”

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